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Caliloko Santa Barbara Recovery Compression Calf Sleeves

Caliloko Santa Barbara Recovery Compression Calf Sleeves

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Santa Barbara Recovery Compression Calf Sleeves - No matter what your sport of preference might be, these compression calf sleeves are perfect for functional training, running, hiking, weight & strength conditioning, biking, golfing, traveling or even when we are standing long hours on our feet.

When should I wear them?
Wear your Mount Diablo Active calf sleeves during you exercise for fresh and rested calves, during training to reduce muscle pain and delay muscle fatigue and wear your Santa Barbara calf sleeves during recovery to avoid swollen heavy legs and reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

• Pain relief
• Faster recovery
• Reduced swelling
• Minimized muscle fatigue and soreness
• Help muscle damage
• Reduced risk of overuse injury

How do they work?

The tight fabric squeezes and supports your veins and helps your blood make the journey back to your heart, thus improving oxygen flow and speeding recovery. Not every scientific study shows measurable results, but many athletes report amazing results.

The key functions of the calf sleeves are warmth, support, compression and strengthening of the muscles. These create a unique composition that together prevents injury and boosts performance during competition. Your body needs to recharge efficiently so that you are always ready to deliver peak performance. Compression is the technology for taking care of your body.



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