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Triathlon, Cycling, Gravel, Running, and friendship

Join our IRACELIKEAGIRL Endurance Team and/or our Women's Gravel Team, GIRLSGETGRITTY!

Why "Girl?" Angela Naeth (founder): To me, the idea that being called a girl is a negative term, is an unfortunate mindset. I know that not all women feel this way, that perhaps one feels when they are referred to being a girl, it’s an attempt to deny a woman of her power, grace, maturity, and strength. IRACELIKEAGIRL and GIRLSGETGRITTY are just the opposite - it’s about celebrating what it means to be feminine!

As a team, we are emboldened with the same fierceness as women embrace during a night out, with the “girls”. This is the strength behind the girl. 

We are a community of women/ladies/gals that use ‘girl’ to support all ages and all abilities in sport - all with a bit of splash of feminine sass!  

Our team is open to any person who identifies as a women.

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