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Dual Membership

Dual Membership

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Enjoy all of the IRACELIKEAGIRL and GIRLSGETGRITTY membership benefits and save with a Dual Membership!
  • All women welcome
  • TEAM STORE CREDIT for all gear, AND gear bags. 
  • All teams welcome (already part of team, we welcome and support everyone - no requirements/conflicts) 
  • No qualifying times to join
  • No mandatory anything! Just a positive attitude and willingness to empower other women. 
  • A community for women who inspire each other to be their best. 
  • A team that feels like a family.  Great support system.
  • Opportunity for race home stays,  a group that allows geographically dispersed women to meet and bond about their passion.
  • Forum to discuss or ask questions about anything related to endurance sports
  • Member organized training and social meet-ups
  • Discounts from brand partners 
  • Monthly challenges and tons of product/giveaways - $35K in gear! 
  • Community of athletes from all regions and neighborhoods collectively engaged in support, inspiring and enabling individual goals and dreams. Providing motivation and encouragement in form of events, both virtual and in person to create an inclusive and supportive team.
  • Team is open to any person who identifies as a women including cis, trans, non-binary, or any significantly female-identifying persons.
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