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Customized Training Plan

Customized Training Plan

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Custom training programs specifically created for you with specific parameters. 

This option is an ideal alternative to One-on-One coaching, providing a structured plan to help stay motivated.  An individualized training program will be created to address your athletic goals for 12+ weeks, and fit your personal training volume, and planned races.  You will work directly with Angela for specifics and details for your individualized plan.  

This is ideal for those wanting some support any time of the year.  6 month commitment.

  • Initial phone call with the coach writing your plan, to review the initial athlete intake form, prior to each plan being written. 
  • Set-up of training periodization for the period of your choice, that considers your goal races and other personal commitments (provided in PDF).
  • Testing using our field-test protocol to determine accurate heart rate training zones.
  • Online training log, where workouts are posted, and used to record results/track progress for each workout.
  • Daily workouts, issued for entire period of your plan.
  • General race execution guidelines
  • Strength training plan, with specific gym exercises and descriptions, where appropriate.
  • All bike workouts provided in 'Smart' Trainer/ZWIFT compatible format (+add-on)
  • Access to private FaceBook Group to support and answer any of your questions on your plan/training. 
  • Note, with Training Plans, all contact with your coach is made via the forum or periodic conference calls.  One-on-One phone calls can be scheduled with a coach on a consultant basis.
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