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Women's Weekend! May 9-10th


Women's Empowerment Weekend!

 Presented by GIrlsGetGritty, Pearl Izumi, HeadSweats, and Shimano


Angela Naeth, professional triathlete, coach and founder of IRACELIKEAGIRL Women’s endurance community, and GIRLSGETGRITTY, is inviting Women to join her and some great speakers, and team members in Boulder, Colorado for an unforgettable two day Women’s Weekend. Attendees will grow within their knowledge and skills as an athlete and personal life: gaining access to pro-level tips and coaching, insightful discussion sessions, and time to bond with other women.  


May 9-10th


Pearl Izumi Headquarters 

Boulder CO // Louisville CO


Expert sessions/speakers on topics of nutrition, training, recovery, and open goal-setting/female bonding 


Activities/events that include hiking, and running.  


IRACELIKEAGIRL Women’s Empowerment Weekend features women in many professions and areas in our sport, including age-group athletes, professional triathletes, physicians and leaders in sports nutrition, fitness and health. We will announce new speakers as they arise.  CLICK HERE for our amazing 2020 IRACELIKEAGIRL Women’s Empowerment Weekend Speakers.
Women’s Empowerment Weekend Schedule

SATURDAY:  May 9th

7 am             Group Run @ Pearl Izumi Head Quarters with TOPO athletic shoe testing

8:00              Breakfast - Welcome Intro/KeyNote - Angela Naeth

8:45              Quick Tour of Pearl Izumi HQ

9:30              SPEAKER: Renee Begger “Supporting women by helping with time management, setting goals and overcoming fears about entering the world of sports as an adult female.”

10:30            SPEAKER: Nathalie Caliloko, CEO Caliloko Compression Wear, Athlete "Muscle Recovery and Strength Session &  Why wearing compression can help during and after races to increase your performance, reduce soreness and minimize muscle injury.”

11:30            Coffee Break

11:45            SPEAKER:  Dr. Fahoum  “Maca Root and hormonal balance, DOMS, Hormones’ roles in athletic performance.”

12:45            LUNCH with QandA

1:30              Strength Session with Nathalie Caliloko

2:15              SPEAKER: Leah Roberts, MD  “Utilizing the menstrual cycle for optimal training, What to do if you are premenstrual (or menstrual) on race day, Dietary changes to conquer menopause”

3 pm             SPEAKER: Alyx Brown, DC "Importance of proper foot biomechanics in sport. Preventing common injuries related to faulty, asymmetrical gait patterns.“

4 pm              Round Table Discussions: Angela Naeth, and QandA

SUNDAY:  May 10th

7 am              Group Run @ Pearl Izumi Head Quarters with TOPO athletic shoe testing

8:00               Breakfast - with Angela Naeth “Awareness Journaling, Going thru the wall; Connection to self”

8:45               Pearl Izumi - Women Designed Presentation/event

9:30              SPEAKER: Deanna McCurdy “Breaking down the intimidation factor for women trying off-road sports like mountain biking, trail running and off-road triathlon.”

10:30            SPEAKER: Angela Naeth  “Race and Training Nutrition/Fueling”

11:30        SPEAKER: Katherine Pratt  “Imposter Syndrome -- from the workplace to the race course”

12:15            LUNCH with Q and A

1:00              Activity/Speaker: Agile Betty’s “Personal Resilience and Vision Board Workshop”

2:00               SPEAKER: Ashley Eckerman “Performance Anxiety, Perfectionism, Negative Thinking, & Shifting Mindset”

3:00               SPEAKER: Margaret Zieden “Stress reduction for improved production, and performance and lead/ teach a meditation.”

4:00        SPEAKER: Angela Naeth  Mental Mindset/Cues for Race Day

4:30         Round Table Discussions: Angela Naeth, and QandA


This isn't your average get together. Between guest appearances and in depth discussions on all topics of endurance sports, and awe-inspiring group workouts, you'll head home ready for your summer! 

(hotel details, food and more!)

REGISTER BELOW! (Limited to first 60 women)

RSVP active and dynamic Women! If triathlon and learning is your passion, we want you!



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