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2020 Registration (coming soon!)


IRACELIKEAGIRL  is a women’s endurance team and community created and supported by professional triathlete, Angela Naeth. We aim to provide opportunities for girls and women of all ages and abilities to  support, encourage and inspire one another in the sport of triathlon, cycling, running and swimming!

IRACELIKEAGIRL highlights what it means to be a woman, and race like only a girl can race!  

Already part of a team?  Not a problem! You can be on ANY team, and still be part of our community! We are all inclusive and have no requirements - just a willingness to inspire and support! 

WHAT'S INCLUDED (yearly membership) : 

  • Team Race Pack: sponsor products, iRACELIKEAGIRL gear and swag
  • Al-inclusive women's team with private forums, TEAM APP, groups all over the country and globe
  • Team Support world-wide thru homestays, meetups, events and race support
  • Team Challenges with over 35K of prizes/giveaways - ranging from social media initiatives, physical challegnes, and team event participation
  • Exclusive Team Apparel and gear. 
  • Discount Codes - we have an amazing amount of support from our sponsors. 20-60% off exclusive for team members!
  • Access to Team events, social events, race meet-ups and breakfasts
  • Ongoing support from team directors and professional triathlete, Angela Naeth
  • Access to team coaching and training plans
  • ACCESS to our Members Area and Apps - we have a vast network for TEAM HOMESTAYS, MEET-UPS, team events, private groups and ongoing networks for organizing training and race connections. 
  • TEAM ZWIFT weekly workouts - weekly workouts on Zwift platofrom provided by our team members and Angela
  • Promotion of members on social media platforms and website 

CHANCE TO WIN ALL this SWAG!  (Over $35K in value!) - Thanks to our amazing sponosrs and supporters - we create team challenges and a ton of FUN all year for a chance to WIN! 

  • Quintana Roo Triathlon FRAME
  • 2 Quintana Roo wetsuits
  • 4iii powermeters (12 total) 
  • 3 Normatec Systems
  • 2 Scicon triathlon bike Cases
  • 12 sets of SHIMANO WHEELSETS
  • Monthly Field Work Nutrition Primo Smoothie Canisters  (12 total of PRIMO SMOOTHIE)
  • 2 QT2 Race Fueling Plans 
  • 1 lucky member to receive 12 weeks coaching toward your desired race by Angela Naeth
  • 12 outfits by CALILOKO Recovery and Compression top/bottom!
  • 12 Polar Watches! 
  • 12 pairs TOPO Shoes
  • 12 sets of Zealios Sunscreen Packets
  • Crotchguard lubricant monthly
  • INSIDE TRACKER BLood testing - one per month
  • FLAER BIMONTHLY Revo Via, Via Fluid and Extender Mount and if required a Di2 Kit


  • All women welcome
  • All teams welcome (already part of team, we welcome and support everyone - no requirements/conflicts) 
  • No qualifying times to join
  • No mandatory anything! Just a positive attitude and willingness to empower other women. 
  • A community for women who inspire each other to be their best. 
  • A team that feels like a family.  Great support system.
  • Opportunity for race homestays. Group that allows geographically dispersed women to meet and bond about their passion.
  • Forum to discuss or ask questions about anything related to endurance sports
  • Member organized training and social meet-ups
  • Monthly challenges and tons of product/giveaways - $35K in gear! 
  • Community of athletes from all regions and neighborhoods collectively engaged in support, inspiring and enabling individual goals and dreams. Providing motivation and encouragement in form of events, both virtual and in person to create an inclusive and supportive team. 

From our Team Members: 

  • All fun and encouragement. Support and power in numbers. Easy to join. Accessible leader (yay Angela!). Positive energy. Loads of incentives and perks with options to choose what to really go after. 
  • Snappiest kit around! 
  • Extremely inclusive of all ages and abilities. I think women really need to know this team is for women who are podium winners and just as important is this team is for the back of the pack women, and everyone in between.
  • Great support group of endurance athletes to stay motivated and accountable virtually and in real life. Being new to the endurance athlete community this has been a great way to meet women with similar interests and goals from all levels!






Questions? Email us at 


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