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Birthday Race!

Today was such a fun day! Not only is it my birthday, but it's a day where I got to race with my teammates and assess where I am in my training and rehab.

It's been a couple of weeks since I graduated PT. I had been working with my PT for about two months and had a pretty aggressive treatment plan. Because of my activity level and competitiveness, they were worried I would quickly reinjure myself. The plan was to maintain my current home therapy exercises and focus on centralizing the pain with the Kenzie method. Physical therapy definitely taught me a lot. Not only did it make me realize that I am deficient in certain areas of my body (hips/glutes), it also made me realize how important strength training/core exercises are to our bodies and backs. 

Although I'm not nearly as good as I should be in completing my strength training, I've definitely incorporated a lot of strengthening exercises to my workouts. I've been training hard and even decided to hire a coach (yay Angela) to help get me through my Olympic triathlon as a guide to an athlete that is disabled as well as my half ironman two weeks. Hiring a coach has definitely been a game changer for me. Not only has it forced me to get into the pool a lot more, it's been nice to follow the workouts someone else has scheduled for me. Now, I haven't been able to follow every workout to the tee, but I've tried my best. 

We are now about 2 months away from my half ironman and I really wanted to see how I could perform in an Olympic triathlon. I had my eye on this race for a while because my team: Alex's bike shop would have a huge turnout AND because it was my birthday. I always wanted to do a race on my birthday. 

Two days before the race I brought up the race to my husband again. Because of our schedules I knew it would be hard to figure out the logistics for race day. Our whole house has been sick too so I wasn't sure if health wise we could pull it off. Right before putting my daughter to bed he popped in his head to ask me which distance I wanted to do. I was ecstatic. He would pull it off for me.... and this is why I love him. Yesterday (the day before the race) I spent most of the day freaking out about the bridges I would need to cross and dealing with all the pre-race jitters. 

Getting to the race was pretty easy and surprisingly enough parking was ridiculously easy as well. I love races where I don't have to sweat the small stuff like parking. I set-up all of my equipment in the transition and went to go look for the team. Once I found them all of the jitters came on in full effect. I started pacing back and forth until the start. Right before the start we gave each other pep talks; I was ready. 

The water was PERFECT: calm and warm. I had my typical slow start but was able to get comfortable and actually find a rhythm. Swimming is not my strongest sport and I swear no matter how many time I train, I never get any better. I was able to comfortably get to the finish and carefully out of the water. I ran hard into the transition area and headed off to the bike. 

The bike scared the bejesus out of me. I had to go over one of the biggest bridges in South Florida - FOUR TIMES. I swore I was just going to topple over because of how slow I would be climbing that bridge. As I started my bike I felt extremely confident and told myself the bridge wouldn't be so bad. I slowly climbed it - but hey- I didn't topple over.... It was all good, until I found out I was ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE COURSE!!! I was able to cut across but I definitely had to slow down and cut in. The rest of the course was uneventful but it made me realize how weak I was in climbing hills LOL. I mean I knew I was, but now, I really know I am. Since I will be on the same course in a couple of weeks for the Olympic tri as a guide, I know I have A LOT of work to do in the climbing and strength training department. I finished the bike with a smile on my face and quickly transitioned to my run. 

The run is what made me the most nervous. This is the point where my back starts giving out. I have been training a lot on HR zones and not so much distance and speed. I was curious on how much my legs and back could take. I knew I had to start off slow and steady because if I went out too fast I would quickly crumble and probably injure myself in the process. As I set out, I was able to hit under 10 minute miles. My true goal was to finish the 10K in under an hour. About halfway through I knew I could keep it up and just focused on breathing and putting one foot in front of the other. At around mile 5 my body started to feel the full effects of the run. I was starting to tingle and felt really fatigued. I kept telling myself to keep running and not to stop. I'm so glad I listened. I couldn't sprint at the finish and that meant I knew I had given it my all. I worked really hard and I was proud of myself. I beat my original goal of 2:30 with a 2:22. Although I placed last in my age group, I knew those girls in front of me trained harder and longer. Begrudgingly I accepted that LOL. 

Overall I'm happy with myself. I know what I need to work on and will talk to my coach about a plan of action. I will also strength train more and stretch better. I'm also happy to get 20 more miles in for our 250 mile bike challenge HAHAHA. Next race up: Escape to Miami. Can't wait to tell you all about my training along the way <3

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