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The Big 4-0…the best is yet to come!

The Big 4-0…the best is yet to come!


This past few weeks have been quite the emotional roller coaster for many reasons...really for one reason, hitting the big 4-0! I always have celebrated birthdays as a chance to turn the page, reflect on the last year, think on things I would change, do better, do different. This year was especially important as I enter in to a new decade, the one I will say is going to be the best yet! 40 is the new 30 after all.


To commemorate the occasion, I of course grabbed 7 beautiful women from different points in my life and we hit the Sonoma Wine Country. When I say this trip was completely amazing and magical, those words couldn’t describe well enough the time we were having together. We rented a beautiful family home on the mountain in between the Sonoma and Napa valleys with breath taking views. We sipped amazing wine and beer from the local community, ate amazing food, got a few wine country runs in, reminisced, reconnected. It was just perfect. 

The weekend turned quite grim around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning. I was woken up by the howling winds to discover the entire canyon below us was on fire. After waking up my friends, we made the decision to pack up and head out of town at 2 a.m. not really knowing the magnitude or extent of the fires but just a gut feeling that things weren’t going in a good direction. 12 hours later, we were safely on our planes headed home to discover later the following day that the entire property we stayed at was completely destroyed by the fires. 


It’s really been hard to reconcile the thoughts and feelings surrounding these events. My heart is broken for the home owner and her brother, for the 1000s of people who are dealing with loss of property; moreover, those dealing with the loss of life. So many “what ifs” have crossed my mind. All of which I can’t dwell on, but simply have to look forward and know I am blessed with another year ahead to do great things, to be a better mother/wife/sister/friend, to be a better me J and to pay it forward to others.


SO…39 weeks to IRONMAN LAKE PLACID. And I can’t be more excited for the challenge that lies ahead!


I have a full race calendar set, I have started my first training block (juggling as I might be while on vacation)!


There are a few things I have already learned:

1.     I’m not a morning person, and I NEED TO BE A MORNING PERSON! So the plan is to start 5:30 a.m. wake up calls beginning next week. Swims/short workouts need to be done in the a.m.

2.     I don’t love the bike trainer, and I NEED TO LOVE THE BIKE TRAINER! So the plan is to get my “pain cave” set up to ensure I can work up to several hours over the winter.

3.     Strength and conditioning will be really important over the next several weeks, so I need to be sure to hit these workouts.

4.     I want an 90% strike rate on weekly workouts, life happens, but if you plan for it, you should be able to achieve it!


2018 Race Calendar:

11/19 – Harborside ½ Marathon

3/17 – St. Patrick’s Day 5k

3/25 – Eastern States ½ Marathon

4/8 – Ironman 70.3 Florida

4/29 – Amesbury Earth, Rock, Run ½ Marathon

5/5 – Shiner G.A.S.P. 100 Mile Ride from Austin to Shiner

6/3 – Rev3 Quassy 70.3

6/14 – Ironman Lake Placid Training Camp

7/8 – Amesbury DAM Sprint Triathlon

7/22 – the BIG DANCE IMLP 2018


@iracelikeagirl #iracelikeagirl @redbull #givesmewings

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Wow - you have survived a huge fire in the county of my teenage-dom. How horrifying and glad you are ok as way too many did not make it out. I am contemplating IM Santa Rosa (70.3) next year! Great blog!
by Catherine Owen - 2 years ago - 10/31/2017, 14:50


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