SEO Content appears the first in source code and on the very bottom of page. Its placement depends on Module.

1. Edit it in CMS "SEO Content" Content Area on normal CMS pages.

2. E-commerce categories have it in "SEO ("SEO Content")" section.

3. E-commerce Product is editable in "SEO Data (Content)" section.

There is default one that is in /styles/master1/c/ folder. If you want to replace it, just upload image with "caption-sub.jpg" name to the folder. Size should be 1920 x 320 pixels (6:1)

You can use Caption Image field in CMS to replace it on specific pages.

Or upload Category Image on category pages.

1. CMS - "Header" field

2. Ecommerce Category - category name

3. Ecommerce Product - product name

4. Blog list - blog name

5. Blog post - post name

6. News/Events item - news/events name


Blog and News/Events module also contain subtitle that is pushed automatically from modules


iracelikeagirl Virtual Girls Get Gritty 5K! (Sponsored by TOPO ATHLETIC) - SEPTEMBER 23-29th! 


CONGRATS to those that participated and also to the below winners! PLEASE EMAIL ANGELA to claim your giveaway!


  • sharon perl olshvang

  • dara flowers 

  • Hailey McCurdy

  • Jackie Nowak

  • Gina Johnson

Michelle Brenton - FREE MEMBERSHIP! 2020

Join the iracelikeagirl community and challenge yourself to a 5K virtual race! Complete a 5K during the week of September 23-29th, on your own terms, in your own way, and take part in our photo challenge to win one of five pairs of TOPO ATHLETIC SHOES! We're teaming up with our sponsors TOPO Athletic to give away to 5 lucky finishers a pair of TOPO shoes of their choice! 

What is an iracelikeagirl virtual 5K?  Our virtual 5K is a walk/run that can be run at your convenience, anytime, anywhere!  To participate create your free Strava account, sign up for the race, and run/walk the distance of the race on a course you select wherever you are!    Virtual participants can run their 5K any time between September 23-29th.  You will have a chance to win a pair of TOPO ATHLETIC SHOES! - delivered right to your door! **(Random drawing of those who complete the 5K and TOPO social requirements below). 

Virtual 5K tips and tricks:  The race will be timed and tracked by Strava, the fitness tracking app.  Don't have Strava - it's free, and details will be sent to you directly via email.  

HOW TO REGISTER/ PARTICIPATE / VALIDATE! **All 5 steps have to be done to ensure validation into the entry of TOPO shoes and giveaways. 

  1. Register HERE!
  2. Log-in and join our 5K STRAVA CHALLENGE GROUP (details will be emailed after registration) Don't have Strava - it's free!, and details will be sent to you directly via email after registration
  3. Between Sept 23-29th, record a single Run activity on Strava that is at least 5KM long.  Publish the activity to your Strava profile and  ensure the activity can be seen by everyone in order to qualify
  4. Share a “race day” photoand your accomplishments by mentioning @topoathletic @iracelikeagirl and using the hashtag #iracelikeagirl #topo5k on your instagram account.  Follow @iracelikeagirl and @topoathletic to follow along as we share your posts on our stories and confirm entry!  (Instagram post must be public to qualify).
  5. Enter the Topo mailing database. Here’s the link!  (share it if you want, too!)


  • Chance to win with TOPO athletic shoes! - with the above validation. 

All registered particpants have a chance to win:   

  • ​2020 TEAM MEMBERSHIP (can be given to someone else)
  • 1 of 5 SWAG TEAM GEAR BAGS (exclusive iracelikeagirl gear by random draw)
  • All proceeds will be used toward IRACELIKEAGIRL YOUTH (under18) support


If you have any questions about this race, please contact

PLACE - Anywhere you live

STRAVA iracelikeagirl 5K CLUB:


Subscribe to the IRACELIKEAGIRL mailing list to receive updates on the team!


password: ****