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Boston Triathlon! - Our marquee event for iracelikeagirl!  We will be back for 2018! 

Here's a recap of 2017: 

We had a blast at this years Boston Triathlon in South Boston! Angela and teammates swam in Dorchester Bay, biked through Boston city streets, and then ran along the Southie shoreline in both sprint- and Olympic-distance events! Post-race shenanigans involved lots of laughs, great food, and of course, celebration!

Thank-you to the team at Boston Triathlon and Columbia Threadneedle Investments for the great day! 


Here's a few words from our racers! And pics! 

From Sika:  "It was awesome meeting a few of my teammates. The venue, race course, and afterparty were topnotch. I heard more “Go IRaceLikeAGirl” cheers than I can count. It almost felt like a team competition. While I didn’t necessarily have the results I wanted, it was a great experience and I feel better prepared for the World Championships in September. I finally learned how to travel with my bike!"

From Marie:  "This was my first experience at the Boston Triathlon and I loved it! I can't wait to sign up for next year. I went to college in Boston and then lived there for four years. During this time I started to get into triathlon, but always found it hard to outdoor swim and bike in the city. Roads are crowded and dangerous, and unsurprisingly, the weather is not always perfect. However, it was amazing to ride in Boston on a closed course and swimming in the bay was awesome. The water was better than I imagined. Of course it helps that the weather was perfect, but this is a great race to spectate. The loops on the bike and run courses allowed spectators to watch the athletes come by multiple times and it motivated me more since everyone was cheering. However, the best part for me was continuously seeing my iracelikeagirl teammate out on the course. We kept cheering each other on and high fiving when we passed!"

From Colleen: "I loved the race. It was challenging for me given my first ocean swim and a large swim wave. I did have to do some breaststroke out there to get around a few wayward swimmers especially a women who decided to do backstroke the entire time, LOL. Came out of the water in 29 minutes, so just a little shy of what I would swim in a calm lake. My first mile swim race was 26 minutes. The bike was technical, I'm not the best at hair pin turns but I loved the closed roads. I think just have to be on your toes around especially later in my 3rd and 4th lap when more of the novice participants were out there. There was some wind to content with but overall averaged 19.2 on the bike. Last the run! I did really like how the course looped around so you could see spectators multiple times and there were ample water stations so no need to carry my own! Other than my slow, slow transitions I am happy with my performance and am already looking forward to Pumpkinman Olympic on September 10th in South Berwick Me.  It was tremendous being a part of the team and seeing our race kits out there! Really felt great and I look forward to growing the event next year with more participants!!"


From Laura:  "Racing the Boston Triathlon was an awesome experience. The organization and planning of the event was one of the best I've ever seen! The course layout was fantastic and I was never confused on where I had to go. I was also super happy with how many water stations there were on the run. So many people came out to watch and cheer which made me want to race even faster. :) Definitely going down as one of the best events I've ever participated in! Thanks, @bostontri!"

From Erica: "Here's my thoughts - hard to put into words just how much I loved this race experience. I've been fortunate enough to travel & see a lot of the world, including Boston a handful of times - but I've never seen it like this.  The course was beautiful! The beach was gorgeous, waterfront bike was stunning, and such a beautiful run through park. I loved how spectator friendly it was too.  From an organization standpoint, I couldn't have been more impressed.  All of the volunteers were very friendly and helpful and there were just enough on the course to keep everything running smoothly.  I was also so grateful to be there with the team & meet such wonderful people."



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