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How one Engineer Runner Mom was saved by triathlon

I’m an athlete. I always have been an athlete.  

But, I’m also an athlete who took a really extended break from the competitive mindset – an entire decade.  I quit collegiate running because I was burnt out, injured, and had a slew of family issues that drove me away from running.  My focuses shifted, met my (now) husband Erik, started a career, had 2 beautiful babies – but still no mental desire to train, never mind race.  But something was missing.

I am an athlete, with a dedication ‘issue’.  I was always all or nothing.  Something happened in 2015 after my son was born.  I felt the itch.  I started lifting, then running, lost the baby and college weight… and started racing (running) again.  It came back like instinct.  But, so did my dedication issue.  I got myself quickly injured, with IT band syndrome during marathon training.  Bad, really REALLY bad.  I pushed so hard that I ended up no longer being able to run at all, physical therapy, cortisone shots, and lots of nights fearing I was losing this piece of me I had finally got back - the mental part of being the athlete I always knew I was.
I had some friends who crossover between runners and triathletes, who told me I should try swimming and biking to feed this internal drive.  Well, I found TWO new sports to have a dedication ‘issue’ with.  I had never swam or biked before the summer of 2016. 

That summer, I found success in the local sprint triathlon events, with NO running beyond one race a weekend.  I was baffled. My running got faster, with NO further injuries.  Win, win.  I WAS SAVED BY TRIATHLON.

I find that this sport embraces my desire to be dedicated, while it also keeps me healthy.  The community is amazing, welcoming, and heart fulfilling.  It is as far from the individual sport of running, triathlon is all about the people you surround you with.  There is so much to learn, so much to experience, every single day is a challenge in its own way.  Racing is just a bonus now, and no longer a focus.  Obviously, racing is important to me.  But more important I have found balance with my wonderful supportive family and improved my physical and mental stability.  Triathlon has helped me define myself in ways way beyond being an athlete – I have more understanding of what is important to me, better time management skills, and a community of fellow triathletes who embrace, support, and encourage ANY and ALL abilities.  Honestly, I can’t imagine my life without this sport and the people in it.

Why did I join this team? And, why do I continue to be involved this year?

This one is complicated, and it starts in 2017. Initially I joined IRACELIKEAGIRL shortly after I started working with my coach - this team's founder – Angela Naeth.  I found a friendship and coaching partnership instantly when I first started reaching out to her for advice in June 2017.

I reached out to her through one of her social media outlets after I felt very lost and unguided following a bad bike crash just days before my first planned 70.3.  I felt like the rug was ripped out from under me - I had no idea what to do:  how to salvage my season with a dislocated shoulder; how to maintain strength while injured; how to balance my competitive drive while not wanting to be sidelined.  I had talked to many coaches before I first messaged her, I honestly was just not ‘feeling’ connected to anyone.  Most offered me some sort of team organization to be part of, but at that time I really didn’t want to be branded.  I felt like my season was over, why do I want to now turn around and ‘sell’ a team’s sponsors when I didn’t feel like I was even part of the team while sidelined.  To this day I feel like that first message was just totally out of disparity, not expecting any reply in return – Like really, she is the WONDER WOMAN herself…. Why would she take pity in my sad turn of events?

Well, none the less… she replied.  INSTANTLY, while at a race in New York.  I was in awe, and even woke my husband up from his nap - he was like ‘who, who is she? Can we talk about this later? I thought you had talked to other coaches’.  Clearly, I am so new to the sport, I didn’t know her credentials at the time.  I first watched her race the Boston Triathlon in 2017, blowing away the field.  She was the first pro I had ever seen, and I was totally in awe.  There was something about her… something that seemed very relatable to me.  So, I had to ask her advice on what she would do.

So long story short(er), Angela became my coach very quickly after that first chat.  And I joined IRACELIKEAGIRL not knowing how much this team would mean to me now.

This team has opened my eyes to more than just being a focused athlete, to things I have always been passionate about.  It reminded me why those years of racing back in High School and College were such good memories, its about the people you surround you with.  Personal achievements only get you so far, and when you focus internally it leads to a lot of bad things: overtraining, not listening to instincts, injuries, risks, poor race performances, and mental instability.  This team has helped me stay motivated in other outlets beyond individual workout performances.  This community of women has built me new friendships, makes me smile and laugh daily, shares openly struggles as well as accomplishments, and provides a GREAT wealth of experience (and inexperience) that help me develop as a human, and as a GIRL who loves the sport of triathlon.

Gratefully, your teammate and friend.


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Awesome and inspiring story - thanks for putting your vulnerability on the line
by Staci Clark - 2 years ago - 02/05/2018, 13:06


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