SEO Content appears the first in source code and on the very bottom of page. Its placement depends on Module.

1. Edit it in CMS "SEO Content" Content Area on normal CMS pages.

2. E-commerce categories have it in "SEO ("SEO Content")" section.

3. E-commerce Product is editable in "SEO Data (Content)" section.

There is default one that is in /styles/master1/c/ folder. If you want to replace it, just upload image with "caption-sub.jpg" name to the folder. Size should be 1920 x 320 pixels (6:1)

You can use Caption Image field in CMS to replace it on specific pages.

Or upload Category Image on category pages.

1. CMS - "Header" field

2. Ecommerce Category - category name

3. Ecommerce Product - product name

4. Blog list - blog name

5. Blog post - post name

6. News/Events item - news/events name


Blog and News/Events module also contain subtitle that is pushed automatically from modules

Why do you TRI?

By Michelle Bentley 

In 2006, 7 months pregnant, I found myself waddling into the ER with a heart rate of 300 bpm! I was AFRAID...for my unborn baby girl, for my 15 month old firstborn, for my very life! My pregnancy had triggered a cardiac arrhythmia that was getting out of control. A few months later, I underwent a 7 hour corrective procedure.

Shortly afterward, I began experiencing a host of new symptoms. The doctors believed my procedure had created scar tissue that was disrupting my heart’s normal conduction pathways...leading to varied new arrhythmias. I spent the next several months struggling with fear and uncertainty. Would I be around for my baby girls? Would I lose the career I had worked so hard for? Was this the end of my active lifestyle?

In that difficult time, I learned the true substance of hope and faith. I decided I was going to trust the One who created me and not let fear rob me of living my life to its fullest! In time, I noticed my symptoms begin to fade. My doctor couldn’t explain my improvement, but I believe I received a little miracle. Enter triathlon. I’d become rather sedentary through my ordeal and figured training for a half Ironman should whip me back into shape for my physically demanding job as a firefighter. After all, I’ve always loved a challenge! Little did I know what began as a means to regain fitness would come to mean so much more!

Triathlon has taught me many lessons about myself...I’ve discovered strengths I never realized I had...and been forced to face and overcome my fears and weaknesses. Triathlon also brought into my life some of the people most dear to me. What are the top reasons I Tri? - I’m so thankful that I am able to! I will never complain about a tough workout because I am alive and healthy and truly enjoy feeling my heart and lungs and every muscle fiber working and growing stronger!

- I hope my story encourages others to get active, live a healthier lifestyle, and step outside their comfort zones.

- I want to show my daughters that they can do anything if they have courage, commitment, and passion...that it’s okay to feel afraid but giving up is NEVER an option.

Why do you Tri? #iracelikeagirl

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