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Athlete Spotlight: Lauren Dorosz

Lauren Dorosz

I have been in the sport for many years racing everything from Olympic distance triathlons to Ironman though the longer and more epic races and training days are what I thrive on. 

I joined IRLAG because I believe in the mission of world dominance and Angela is awesome! I have also done my fair share of crashing on peoples couches to survive in this sport and want to pay it forward with this team and by building community. 

I met Angela at a triathlon camp in Solvang back when she was still an age grouper. We were both too cheap to stay in the camp host hotel. We ended up as roommates in the less than one star hotel down the street with very lump beds! She kicked my butt at the pre-camp century ride but I pride myself that I taught her that sleep and a nap were the best recovery ever. We were instant friends and we have been hanging over ever since. (traveling, racing, riding, laughing and smiling together). Back in the lumpy hotel days I knew she would be doing great things in the sport and well I was right!

Outside of swim, bike, run I feel like I have fully taken full advantage of life from serving in the military as a Signal Officer (Captain) overseas in Germany with a deployment to Iraq, as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador and now a Forest Service employee where I am also involved in supporting wildfires. I love to ski, hike, camp, and travel. I live outside of Boulder with my husband, Scott, and 6 backyard chickens. 

 I have taken some time off from triathlon due to a busy life, work, travel and some injuries. I discovered Pilates Reformer and feel like a a new person. I am hoping to get back into racing this year and maybe even do an Ironman.

I got my sister to join IRLAG and she is doing awesome! I am one of the Regional Directors for the Mountain States and am just want to build community and get people together. 

Life is good

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I am Lauren’s sister, Kathryn! Because she gifted me an IRLAG membership last year, I am discovering the tri bug! Thanks Lauren!
by Kathryn Shroff - 1 year ago - 01/31/2019, 21:49
Wow thank you for your service- looks like you have had amazing experiences!! Excited to be on the team with you my neighbor!
by Kristi Covalciuc - 1 year ago - 01/31/2019, 21:59


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