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Why I race like a girl.

By Team Member: Katie McNamara

Ironman Lake Placid 2015. I had just come down the Keene descent and had made the left hand to head towards Jay. That stretch is flat and fast, and in training rides I had enjoyed using it to get my cadence up and build myself a little cushion. As I tucked in and started to cruise, I caught up to a man who had caught me on the Keene descent. I passed him going quite a bit quicker than he was moving. A few moments later I saw out of the corner of my eye that he had decided to pass me back. He completed the pass, and immediately dropped his pace back down. I wanted to, needed to, go faster and didn’t want to risk the drafting penalty, so I passed him back again. This kept going. I would pass him, and he’d pass me right back and slow down. I finally had enough, kicked up the power past what I wanted, and left him behind.

I told this story to a few people after the race and rolled my eyes. Some nodded and agreed with a sigh- either this had happened to them or they’d seen it happen. Some asked me “Well, that happens where you leap frog with people, are you sure it wasn’t just that?” It wasn’t. If you’ve experienced it, you know the difference. When you leap frog there’s usually a little gap between the passes- someone had been taking a drink, was getting comfortable again, had been terrain that worked better for them, or maybe had just zoned out. When it’s an immediate back and forth, it’s because that guy just did not want to get passed by a girl. It wasn’t just that one race either.

It was 70.3 Ohio, it was Ironman Korea (a field of only 11% women), it was the local sprint tri. It’s not the majority of the guys out there, but it only takes one to make me cranky. On the positive site, it was the culmination of these moments that made me realize that triathlon needed a little more girl power. I had the privilege of spending the past few years on a team of ladies that focused entirely on empowering other women to get involved in triathlon. It helped me shift how I viewed things. The other women weren’t my competition, they were my network.

I spent the last few years trying to connect with more women in my local community who were interested in triathlon. I did my best to reach out to new members of our tri club, I encouraged friends who expressed interest it triathlon to give it a go, I held a small clinic to introduce women to tri, and mentored a friend through her first race. It was amazing how much more fun that made the sport. As that team wrapped up, I found iracelikeagirl.

I joined iracelikeagirl because I knew it would allow me to take everything I had learned, pull from my frustrations, and continue to encourage more women to tri. I love the idea of local and online communities of women that can talk about their frustrations or challenges. I love that there’s an environment that people can feel comfortable to ask questions. More than anything, I love that I can represent what I have been feeling the past few years- yes, I race like a girl. I’m gritty, tough, and know how to push through the hurt. I know how to work hard, am proud to finish my workout dripping in sweat, and am happy to get stronger everyday.

I can’t wait for a great season in this kit, and please- if you are thinking about your first tri, don’t hesitate to send me a message with any questions you have about where to start!

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