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Member Post: Reflections on turning 55: gratitude patience lessons

Guest Post! 

Author's Bio : Jenny Ayers works and plays in the sunny Okanagan. A teacher and triathlete, she is turning 55 this year, and is grateful for all that she is able to do. Jenny is happy to be competing in a variety of events this year, but her A race is the ITU Long Course World Championships in her home town of Penticton, BC, Canada.

I’m finding myself being quite reflective and thoughtful these days. I think it has a lot to do with me turning 55 in a couple of months. I often catch myself thinking about how lucky I am to still be at this game, doing what I love the most! 21 years ago, my rookie year of multisport brought me surprising successes, podium finishes and a trip to ITU Worlds in Cleveland. For the next seven years, my focus was olympic distance triathlon and duathlon, and I took on my first Ironman in 2004. In the following few years I missed a season due to shoulder surgery, but except for that, I competed at all distances including two more Ironmans

 Since 2009, my triathlon career has been full of hiccups, a variety of injuries and health issues. My time in the 50-54 age group was a bit of a wash, including a breast cancer scare, surgeries, and a seriously stubborn hamstring strain. In the last five years I’ve had disappointing results including a dreaded IM DNF. But last year was a rebuild year, and finally I can say that I am healthy and pretty much injury free.

The opportunity to be part of the I Race Like A Girl team couldn’t have come at a better time. In a way, I feel like I am starting triathlon again, except that this time I’ve got a bit of experience and wisdom, as well as the pleasure of being part of not only my local community, but also my new-found on-line Gang of Girls! I’m feeling a little bit like I did way back in 1996 when I first discovered my love for swim/bike/run and all that goes with it.  But different now is that I have tons more gratitude and much needed patience.

I am grateful that I CAN swim, bike and run. I am grateful that I live in a beautiful training ground, and that there is no shortage of places to do my outdoor thing year round. I am grateful that I have supportive loved ones, co-workers and friends. I am grateful that my body is, though not perfect, able to do most of what I ask it to. I am grateful that I was brought up to be active and healthy, and that I find joy moving my body through space. I am grateful that even though the exterior is certainly wrinkled and aging, on the inside I feel young and energetic. I am grateful that I can compete with and beat folks younger than me. I am grateful for role models older than me, and that I don’t feel restricted by age.

Time has also taught me that patience, when needed, is found more easily when I focus on gratitude. I have learned that time can indeed heal some things, and while I can’t force the passage of time, I can choose thankfulness rather than frustration. I’ve figured out that gratitude breeds positivity and that positivity breeds energy and focus. And I know that being patient and kind with myself and with others is always best practice.

It’s not likely that I’ll be around for another 55 years, but with some luck, hard work and patience, I am gratified to think that there are a few age groups still in me. Freedom Fifty-Five isn’t coming just yet in terms of retiring from work, but I am totally thankful to be feeling focused and ready to fuel the fun this season. Bring on the new age group!

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What a great story, Jenny! Thanks for sharing. I love your approach to aging and triathlons. Keep doing great things! #powertotheshe
by Catherine Burnett - 2 years ago - 05/24/2017, 08:00
I will be 65 this year and am "in" my 36th year of triathlon. You are a youngster!
by cheryl palen - 2 years ago - 01/17/2018, 07:53


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