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Autumn's Ironman Lessons: Don't forget the sunscreen!

Growing up my mom put me in every sport known to man kind. After some trial and error, and learning that I have little to no hand eye coordination when it comes to balls, I settled on swimming. I competitively swam for many years until I went to college. I continued to teach swimming lessons in college as a means of income but otherwise focused on my engineering degree. When I graduated I was desperate to get back into sports, and that's how I found triathlon.

In 2016 I attempted my first Ironman at IM Boulder a couple months after moving to the area. The swim went great, I had some mechanical difficulty on the bike that resulted in my power meter not working for 100+ miles of the ride but my bike still worked so I considered it a win! Then came the run. When I entered T2 I realized I had the worst sunburn of my life on my legs. I asked the transition volunteer to sunscreen my legs without really comprehending that it was FAR too late. It wasn't until I pulled my shorts down in a port-a-potty a couple miles into the run that I realized how much trouble I was in. Not only were my legs in excruciating pain and a certain color of purple, but there was also significant swelling where they were burned. Long story short I somehow ran/walked it to mile 18 of the run before I drew too much attention to myself from a medic who ultimately took my chip away, ending my day. 

I was a little heartbroken that a simple mistake ruined my day. I agree with the medic's decision as I was very light headed and every piece of my body that was exposed to the sun was ridiculously swollen by the time he got to me. Continuing was asking for trouble. I also knew if the circumstances had been right I could've finished no problem, with a respectable time to boot. At the end of the day I was fed and back in my bed before 9pm. So all that being said, my motivation is redemption! 

Since then I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I had no idea the thyroid controlled everything from heart rate to hair growth, or that mine was severely under-active. I sought treatment and trained through the entire process. I watched as my run pace went from 8:45min/mile easy pace to being unable to maintain 11-12 min/mile for more than a couple miles. I felt helpless. Despite continuous training I got slower and slower with each passing week. It took six months to get my thyroid back to normal range with medication. It's taken several more months for my body to readjust since finding that equilibrium. Today I get excited to see easy runs under 10 min/mile. It's been a test of my patience and motivation as an athlete, but I feel I am all the better for it. Persistence is paying off and I am ready to race again!

My advice is NEVER forget the sunscreen, always make time for sunscreen! Have some in your T1 and T2 bags, have some in your special needs bike bag and ask volunteers to help you put it on. That way you can hydrate, eat and organize nutrition simultaneously. I have also learned there are two types of sunscreen. Those which utilize chemical filters and other that use mineral filters. Those with mineral filters are typically more expensive, however, in my experience they do a superior job. Meaning you don't have to apply as much as often. Also, they are better for your skin!

Thanks for reading,

Sunscreen applied by volunteers

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I was diagnosed (actually self diagnosed) with Grave's over 30 years ago- stress and excessive training can be contributors (at least for me). I had my thyroid radiated and have just recently in the last 6-7 years found the right balance of thyroid replacement to be able to be a contender again. Glad you have found your medication combination that works. (I might suggest two doses of liothyronine to take with your other thyroid med- gets rid of that lethargy/brain fizziness that sometimes accompany a thyroid condition). Race on!
by Cheryl Palen - 2 years ago - 11/15/2017, 10:32


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