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There were a lot of SPONSORS/supporters/vendors that helped make our first Iracelikeagirl 5K successful!  
Our Sponsors helped really make this race successful. Not only did they encourage and support our first race, BUT they were also a perfect fit for iracelikeagirl and our foundation we support, The Max Cure Foundation.


Joe DiMaggio’s Children Hospital at Memorial:

This hospital is one of the region’s leading pediatric hospitals. They are a full-service hospital that treat minor illnesses to some of the most complex medical conditions. Why was this sponsor special? The charity we supported was the Max Cure Foundation – a charity which believes in fund innovative and novel childhood research, provide financial support to low-income and military families, and stand in the forefront of the childhood cancer advocacy.

Orange Theory Fitness (Weston):

This was our very first sponsor. They are an AWESOME workout which includes heart rate based interval training and coach support. They have fun activities and events (which include Hell Week during the week of Halloween). They’re a fun and supportive group that really acts as a family. Plus, they donated a 10 pack of classes gift set as one of our raffle prizes!!

CycleBar at Pembroke Pines:

We LOVED spinning at CycleBar. It’s a an indoor premium cycling studio which offers concierge-level service, premium amenities (girls they even offer hair ties), and an invigorating environment designed to ROCK YOUR RIDE. They have a competitive side to them as they monitor your progress on the screen. If you haven’t tried it we suggest you use your Free Ride pass for Pembroke Pines – You will LOVE it! Plus, they donated a 10 pack of classes gift set as one of our raffle prizes!!

Total Nutrition (Sunrise):

We love this local nutrition store. Not only do they have the best smoothies but they have all of the things you need to meet your health needs. We’ve tried their smoothies and frozen lunches! Our race packets had a free smoothie from them. Try them – you’ll agree their yummy too! They were also gracious enough to donate a gift card to our raffle!

Runner’s Depot (Davie):

We LOVE this local running store! They have been my go-to team for all of our running needs; from shoes to nutrition to clothes these guys are absolutely wonderful. Not only did they blast their email data base to promote our race but they also allowed us to utilize their store for packet pick-up PLUS they donated gift cards to our raffle! They’re a staple in our local community and we were really honored to have them support our race. We hope to continue to work with them on trying to make Broward county a more active city!

Fieldwork Nutrition Company:

We cannot say enough amazing things about this company. They make a product called Primo Smoothie which has saved our lives. This smoothie mix has whole foods and whole food derived ingredients which make it a perfect on-the-go breakfast. We HIGHLY recommend them. You can try their sample pack before buying their tubs every month. Thank you for giving us some Primo Smoothie tubs and shirts for our raffle!

Topo Athletic Shoes:

This is an awesome shoe brand! Their mission is to rise above the industry’s gimmicks and trends, encouraging a better running and fitness experience through instinctive and natural movement. They develop a footwear that honors the shape and biomechanics of the human foot. Thank you for donating a free pair of shoes for our raffle!!!


We love this recovery tool!! Normatec gives you the ability to recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness. This means that you will be able to push harder on your workouts! Thank you so much for your generous $500 gift certificate!!!!

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza:

This pizza place is AMAZING. They have the freshest and most delicious pizza around South Florida. They were extremely gracious enough to donate two - $100 gift cards for our raffle! Let’s just say we had a couple of late sign-ups because of this raffle prize!

Polar Watches:

These heart rate monitor watches are AWESOME! Not only does it give you all sorts of data for your training needs, it also can act as a regular watch which is so hard to find with activity trackers.Their sleek design make them really trendy as well! Thank you so much for donating watches to our raffle!

Lululemon (Coral Gables):

Who doesn’t love Lululemon?! The Coral Gables store was extremely generous enough to donate two outfits (one for overall Male winner and one for our overall Female winner) that was valued about $140. Their clothes may be a little pricey but it’s completely worth it because of their quality. We definitely had some fast runners out on our course and we are pretty sure it was because these outfits were on the line!

RefreshinQ vitamin samples:

This sample pack WAS a hit in our race packets. Refreshinq was generous enough to provide us with a sample of their NEver Quit Collection which included a Workout and Recovery Pack (vitamins), Muscle Relief Rub, and Power PaQ (hydration). This sample pack gives you everything that you need to recover faster by fighting inflammation and repairing your body. We LOVED this item and so did our racers.

1band ID:

This is an awesome product!!! This company has invented a simple, thin and weightless waterproof 1BandID that attaches and displays emergency information and motivation to any type of watch, GPS, heart rate monitor or fitness tracker. This is a way for your loved ones to ensure you are safe on whatever fitness journey you are on. Thank you so much for your generous gift card donations to our raffle!

Headsweats iracelikeagirl gear:

These hats and visors were a hit at our race (and for good reason). Their bright colors grab everyone’s attention and they are so fun to wear. We have more amazing products on our website!!!! We will definitely have some more Iracelikeagirl raffle items for our next race.

Running Analysis by Terri Swanson Gift Certificate:

Ms. Terri Swanson is a staple coach and nutritionist in our area. She was gracious enough to donate her time to provide a running analysis to one of our runners! Having a running analysis is extremely important because it helps assess the way you walk and/or run.

Rodan and Field by Laura Mackenzie Gift Certificate:

Ms. Laura Mackenzie was gracious enough to donate a $75 gift certificate to Rodan and Fields! Their products are AMAZING and really work! Let’s just say this gift certificate left the raffle table relatively early!

LuLeRoe leggings by Kristen Valencia:

The prints on these leggings were fierce! We personally love this legging brand; they’re just so soft and comfortable and FUN! These leggings were quickly grabbed by one of our racers as a raffle prize!

Biofreeze and Theraband:

Biofreeze and theraband are AWESOME products, especially for soreness. Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that uses the cooling effect of methanol, a natural pain reliever, to soothe minor muscle and joint pain. It works QUICKLY and feels amazing. The Theraband elastic and KT tape work well to improve strength and help you work better and play harder by reducing pain and providing support to sore muscles and joints. Having all three of these products in our race packet was short of amazing! Thank you!

Ashworth Medals:

We LOVE our medals!!! They are not only beautiful but very high quality medals that you don’t find in your typical races! Ashworth did an amazing job displaying ourIRacelikeagirl brand through their medal! Our racers loved them! Thank you!!!!

Course Venue: A+

Vista View Park:

We LOVE this park! Not only is it huge but it’s absolutely beautiful. The course venue was an easy pick for me. Once we met with the park manager, We knew it was a match in heaven. Not only were they able to accommodate the date we wanted but she literally held our hand every step of the way. She made the entire race planning process a breeze AND ended up participating in the race. We will definitely host the race at the same location.

Food/Hydration: A+:

Trader Joe’s (Davie Store): Trader Joes is an AMAZING company. We never realized how difficult it would be to find a store to donate water/fruit (specifically bananas) to us. We had applied and written e-mails to many food places: from bagels to supermarkets - and were very unsuccessful in getting someone to assist us. Finally, someone suggested Trader Joe’s. We googled how to receive a donation request from them and were pleasantly surprised they had a guideline sheet someone could follow to request a donation! We followed the directions and were told that someone would get in touch with us as soon as they could. A couple of days later we received a phone call letting me know we were missing a document which we turned in the very next day. After a few weeks had passed by we received a phone call from one of their coordinators who told us she could help us!!! Now, she would do the best that she could with getting us enough water and bananas AND did she pull through. We had originally requested 150 bananas (minimum) with a maximum of 250 bananas for racers. We also requested the same amount for water bottles. We scheduled a date for pick-up and we were so thankful for the help. A couple of days before the race we touched base with my coordinator again and she reassured us that we were good to go! The day of our pick-up we called the store to let them know we had arrived. They quickly and easily loaded everything into the car AND they were able to give us 250 bananas AND water bottles. We were SO thankful. We will definitely reach out to them again next year!

Orchard Supply Hardware (Sunrise Store):

We knew upfront that we would only have water and bananas so we wanted to try to get another fruit or bagels. We knew we had to be creative. Now, we had originally visited Orchard for an in-kind donation or raffle item, but after seeing that they carried apples we thought we may be able to receive apples from them. So, sure enough we asked them if they would be able to provide us with 150 apples and they said YES! They gave us two cases of apples which was wonderful and helped us feel a lot better of the post-race food we had to offer. They were awesome to work with!

Bonk Breaker Bars/Hydration:

These bars were offered to the runners after the 5K and they LOVED it. We offered the following yummy flavors: Cookies and Cream and Peanut Butter and Jelly!!!  We also offered these bars/hydration as prizes and they were quickly taken off the raffle table. It was nice to have something with protein that tasted DELICIOUS after a nice hard run! We would love to have Bonk Breaker Bars/Hydration at our next race!


Who doesn’t love Gatorade?!?! We were able to contact the Gatorade rep in the area who was able to help us out. We thought it would be nice to off Gatorade to the racers. Thankfully the rep was able to accommodate us since we gave him a far enough notice as well as we had a feasible number of racers he would be able to accommodate. We would love to reach back out to him next year to help support our race.

Entertainment: A++

DJ: Girls Can Tube from Pure Energy Source.

Can we please tell you that these girls were a PERFECT fit for us?!?! They were fun and upbeat and all of our runners (as well as the volunteers) LOVED their musical selection. They helped to make this 5K just FUN. Plus, they let us get on the microphone which was an added bonus. We have to say being able to secure someone to provide music at our event PLUS MC the event was huge for us and completely unexpected. Luckily this group works with 501(c)3s which helped us tremendously in the budgeting department. We would absolutely LOVE to secure this group at our event – their fierceness is unmatched.  

Timing Company: A+++

Race Day Professionals

These guys were AWESOME!!!!!! They literally held our hand throughout the process. They also were able to give us the best bang for our buck which is critical for any race director who is just starting this venture. However, they are also equipped to handle huge races. We openly communicated to each other making sure that we were both on the same page. They also were able to advertise our race through other channels that we were unaware of. During packet pick-up they provided a staff member to assist us and assign bibs as runners arrived. Lastly, on race day they set-up quickly and efficiently. They also provided us with a staff member at the turn around point which was CRITICAL for our race course. Bottom line – they will be are ONLY timing company from here on out!!


Davie Police Explorers
Broward Sheriff Office Explorers/Cadets/Staff Members
Black Girls Run Members
Highschool Students

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