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Boston Triathlon Race Recap - Fran McConnell

Race Recap of this year's Boston Triathlon! - By Fran McConnell

Author's Bio: I started running when I was 30 years old. I began running in April of 1981, and ran the NYC marathon that October. The following summer I heard about this new kind of race...a 1.5 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride and a 10 mile run. I thought it would be fun, so I signed up. That was the first triathlon on Long Island in September of 1982. I finished tired, but I was right, it was fun! Life got in my way and I stopped racing for a time. Fast forward to when my youngest went off to college. I started running again, then swimming, then biking. In 2010, at the age of 60, I did my first 70.3. My goal is to enjoy triathlon racing for many years to come! 

When I arrived at the race site for packet pickup, I was pleasantly surprised by all the parking. Parking can be challenging when you travel to races and aren't familiar with the area, but that was not the case in Boston! I immediately started asking questions about the proximity to the transition area, and was happy to hear it was right there. Morning parking problem worries immediately wiped off the slate.

I got my packet, and noticed I wasn't entered with my team #iracelikeagirl, so I mentioned that, and two seconds later it was being fixed. I even got to meet the race director, Mike O'Neil, who was on hand, smiling, making sure everything ran smoothly.

Race morning weather was windy and chilly. I put an extra jacket on and headed to transition area. I found my rack, and discovered that there was plenty of space allotted for each bike! This was another nice surprise among many I would discover over the course of the day.

I was doing the sprint distance race, so spent time chatting with the people around me. I love to help where I can, especially with people doing their first triathlons. Sometimes all it takes is some laughter to ease the nervousness, or a little well meaning advice. So, I explained how to turn a few bikes around to be headed in the right direction, and defogged some to the swim start...

When I got to the beach, I had another nice surprise...the swim waves were not too big, and there was plenty of time between waves! Yay! I mentioned the wind before, but it was not a factor at all during the swim. The water was cool, and I was happy to have a full wetsuit, but the swim was actually nice, and I enjoyed it. (I had expected a swim in Boston Harbor to be nasty...but it wasn't at all...another nice surprise!) 

The funniest part of my day happened at the end of the swim. I always swim as far as I can coming into transition, which often leaves me on my belly in the sand. So, instead of walking through the water like everyone else was doing, I swam into the shallow water. Then tried to stand...and slipped...and tried again, and slipped, and slipped again, and again! I started laughing. I think I would still be sitting in the water but for a nice young gentleman who hauled this old lady to her feet! God Bless whoever that was!!!!

Transition area was good. Wetsuit off, bike gear on, and I walked my bike out to the course. The bike ride was beautiful! The course was closed to traffic, (another nice surprise).  It was hard to believe that course was in a big city. We rode along the water, and out on a pier at one point which was beautiful! Logan Airport is close and planes were taking off above us, but I never noticed the noise, only the beauty of seeing them fly overhead. I did make a blooper...At the end of my first lap on the bike I mistakenly turned in to transition, realized it, and had to do a u-ey and ride against bike traffic to get back out. Sorry guys. It was a fun, flat bike course, which I could have ridden faster had I not been distracted by the beautiful scenery! Lol!

The run was fun. It was a course filled with loops and turns, which makes it a great race for spectators. There were plenty of water and Gatorade stops, and a beautiful little girl named Cadence handing out buttercups for good luck! ☘️

More nice surprises: The finisher medals were some of the nicest I've ever seen. The T-shirts are great! The awards are very cool. 

I will absolutely be doing this race again. I had so much fun I will be bringing people with me. Boston is a very cool city to hang out in, and this makes for a very nice race-cation!

Best of all, I got to meet and hang out with Angela Naeth, our I Race Like a Girl team creator!

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