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What IRACELIKEAGIRL means to me - By Erica Galvan

After six weeks of training, I’m talking sedentary sofa, to sprint, I took on my first tri. I had never swam open water, and was in a borrowed XS wetsuit that I thought I’d never squeeze into. I was on a Craigslist commuter bike, not even in clipless...and let’s not even mention my “running” pace. I was still all for it, because triatlon was a new endeavour, and the full Ironman race was something I’ve always had a distant idea of doing. But the time, this sprint distance seemed pretty scary! Thankfully, my coach had the foresight to choose an all women event. I didn’t think much of that at the time, but I now know that the support of my fellow female competitors, EVERY SINGLE stroke, pedal, and step of the way, left a lasting impact on me. As for the race, it was great, and of course, I caught that tri bug!

That moment when...

That race was also what showed me what "I race like a girl" meant. It’s exactly what those women, from all walks of life, imparted upon me. We helped one another with what was new, shared the items and knowledge we could, made paths for one another and dropped more "you go girls" and "get it sisters", than I’ve ever heard. Whether being passed, or passing, we were sure to shout out some inspiration. We lifted each other in sport, despite our differences and abilities, and it came naturally to us girls on the course. 


When I found IRaceLikeaGirl, I scoured the page, listened to podcasts, and saw that this group had the same vibe as that race. It was easy to decide to be part of this global triathlon team, that clearly empowers women. I’m only a few months in as a team member, but I’m so glad i joined. Angela Naeth has taken us all under her wing, as we strive to be a better us. We share our setbacks and triumphs on the daily, whether tri related or life related, because, we get it. We get the struggles of being a woman and a triathlete, of being feminine and fierce.

And even though triathlon in itself can be a struggle, I think this community of women comes together through triathlon, to get out there, to let go of life’s constraints, to be in the moment, and race like only a girl can. I just know this team, my awesome new coach, and our incredible sponsors, will help me find my indomitable will, my patience with process, and my life balance, en route to racing like a girl at IRONMAN Florida this year. I’m stoked to help you all reach your 2018 goals as well!

See you out there ;)


Author Bio:

Born and raised in the Golden State, Erica takes advantage of her California roots, cycling outdoors nearly year round! When not training, you can find her doing all of the outside things: camping, hiking, mountaineering, snowboarding, and the like! Otherwise, she’s working the night shift, as a Trauma ICU nurse in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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