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A Mom's Story - by Evelyn Darbut

I've always been an athlete. In high school I played sports all year round: first cross country, followed by soccer, and ending with track and field. I loved to compete, but more importantly, I loved being a part of a team. When I went to college that part of my life didn't change. I regularly went to the gym and played soccer whenever they needed an extra teammate; it was fun. 

Right after I graduated college I stumbled onto triathlons. I don't remember how I got involved in them necessarily, but I remember my first one - a Women's only triathlon in Moss Park. I absolutely loved it. I loved it so much - I got hooked on triathlons ever since. A couple of years later and with a few triathlons under my belt I decided to try a half ironman distance. My goal was not to be dead last (or die in the process - I'm not even kidding you should read their waivers). I trained as much as I thought I should (I had no clue what I was doing) and couldn't wait until race day. 

The day of the race I was so excited but nervous all at the same time. I took the race one event at a time and I absolutely loved every second of it. You could tell I did because in every single one of my race photos I had the biggest smile on my face. Don't get me wrong I was in pain by the end, but it was worth it. It really was. 

See, triathlons (especially half ironman distances) teach you a lot about yourself. They teach you about focus and discipline. They teach you about hard work and how on occasion you may not meet your expectations - and how to overcome those days. They teach you about how hard you can push yourself and how much your body is really capable of. They teach you about life and patience. They teach you more about yourself than you realize at times. Bottom line, triathlons are what keep me sane in this insane world. 

So why do I still do them now? That's easy. I want to show my daughter to be strong. I want to show her that with hard work comes great payoffs. I want to show her that she is capable of so much more than she realizes. I also want to show her that becoming a mom doesn't mean you lose a piece of yourself. Being an athlete is who I am and it's who I will be the rest of my life. 

In the past I've seen friends of mine losing themselves after becoming a parent and I didn't want to be one of them. I wanted more for myself. Triathlons are my balance and sanity. They help me to become a better mom. I'm not saying that my friends aren't good moms - because they're great moms - but I can see a void in their life that they know is there. 

And that brings me to my last point - finding a team at this point in my life - iracelikeagirl. Triathlons are a tough sport. When you're training for one it helps to know that there are other people in your arena doing the same thing. It would be great to physically train with someone every day for the races I want to go for, but realistically it's impossible for me. For starters, most of my friends who live here locally don't participate in triathlons. Secondly, my schedule is typically booked solid and my runs are scheduled for whenever my daughter is taking a nap or sleeping. So, I found a team to support me virtually while I accomplish my goals. A pretty cool girl squad that encourages each other and trains for the same thing I'm training for. Ones who know what it takes to race in the events you're racing in and text you the day before to wish you luck. These girls are my team and I'm lucky to be on theirs. See, isn't this what sports are all about? Encouraging each other to become the best they can be - and this is exactly what my team does.

Author's Bio : Evelyn lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with her husband and her daughter - Elizabeth (2). She works for the Broward Sheriff's Office as a Human Resources Analyst and participates in many of the local running and triathlons event during her spare time. She's currently tackling on her first race as a Race Director for the first Inaugural iracelikeagirl 5K in Davie, FL.

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Keep grinding ...
by T Keefe - 2 years ago - 01/15/2018, 20:20
As a little girl Evelyn has always been a happy & bubbly Young lady. She has strive to reach her goals ! Thriatholons is her passion. She is a wonderful individual who loves to help others and goes far beyond with a heart of gold ! # best mom ever # 1 runner # who I love very much to the moon and back
by Luz Botero - 2 years ago - 01/15/2018, 20:27


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