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My first 70.3 finish - by Veronika Spalekova

    Everything started with my Donner Lake 70.3 DNF last year and my husband’s words, that I should come back and try this race again. With tears in my eyes, I couldn’t resist and I signed up again.

    There was only one thing in my mind and that was better preparation. I changed my training plan, tried a coach and then a preseason project with TRIDOT, but two months before my race, I realized that I am not ready for the elevation, because every ride in the plan was on flat and without any focus on hills. I bought a set of carbon wheels, quit my coach and I decided that I can prepare for this race on my own and I believed that it is true.

    I knew that I should do more rides in the hills, and I tried some rides around my home and one modified preview cross the Donner pass. After that ride I wanted to cry, because I wasn’t feeling that I am able to go up the hill without pain and without problems with breathing. All my thoughts were about biking, and I forgot that after this difficult biking portion I should run two 10K laps around the lake with some small hills and especially some hot spots (I had ZERO heat training as I had to squeeze my rides/runs in early morning). This though was coming to my mind after a trial 10K running around Donner Lake 1 week before the race. I was not able to think about swimming at all, but the swimming was only one thing which didn’t scare me at that time.

    I found out that I will not have too much time for the transitions, therefore I took my wetsuit, and every thing necessary for the race and I tried out the transition at the swimming pool. It must have been funny , when somebody saw me from the apartments around the pool, but I think that this practice was very helpful for me.

    Two days before the race we packed everything into the car and came to Truckee. Compared to last year we decided to come on Friday and we even registered Samuel for the Kids Tri (his first in a lake). He was doing very well and he got the 3th place in his age group. After spending some time at the lake we went for a well deserved pizza and juice. Both of the kids were having a blast.

D Day

    I woke up at 4:45 and I couldn’t sleep anymore. I turned on my phone and I was reading all the positive wishes on my facebook page. I went through all the birthday wishes and time flew very fast. I didn’t know how, but it was time to get to the start, set up transition and …

    2 minutes before the start, I broke tore the rubber band on my goggles and in last 50 seconds my husband fixed my goggles and I could start my race. Swimming was good and I came to transition in my estimated time (I even surprised my family as they were expecting me about 5 minutes later), I changed the clothes and took my bike. I started very good and smooth.


    First 4 miles were up to Donner Pass and I came there 4 minutes earlier than last year (Yes I can do it!!!), then there was 13 miles downhill, and I came there 4 minutes later compared to last year (I can’t do this – I thought ), then I needed to climb back the very same 13 miles and I needed to go faster, because I didn’t have too much time and I came there 12 minutes earlier than last year (yes I can do this again), same downhill and even better time, and last climb up with a good time. And finally the last 4 miles, very fast down (for me). I was coming to transition 20 minutes earlier compared to last year (Yes, I can do this again). During the biking I started to have problems with getting enough calories, and I was not able to put anything into my stomach and my mouth was rejecting anything sweet (gels, liquid nutrition, chews,…) and I was drinking only water.  This was going to blow my whole race.


    I knew that I had 1 hour and 29 minutes for the first loop of 10.5k and that I don’t have too much time for walking. But my body was without energy and has set up it’s mind otherwise … I tried to run, walk, run faster, run slower, walk faster, and finally I came in for the second 10.5k lap. I would not be there if my family would not “run/ride” with me. My hubby tried to pace me, but I’m a really moody runner. He screamed at me the final mile to speedup in order to make it before the cut off, but only thing I wanted was that he shuts up and leaves me alone. But at the end I’m happy that he was there and was trying to kick me on.

    I reached the start/finish area 3 minutes before the cut off and I had 2 hours left for the total cut off for this race. At this moment it was more than sure that I will finish this race, regardless if I will walk or run. I was not able to start running, it was the slowest and longest 10k in my life.


    I crossed the finish line as the last person in this race, but I did it.
I don’t know why, but I don’t feel any kind of satisfaction nor happiness and I don’t know why I can’t feel this feeling. (maybe it’s too early too feel happy or maybe next time )
See you at IM Santa Cruz.

Finished side by side with my kiddos.
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