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2018 Event was a big success!

Check back here for next year registration

and details - July 2019! 


Join us for 250 miles in August Bike Challenge!   

All ages. All genders. All fitness levels. Any location! 

Win some great sponsor giveaways and help support our team! 

GOAL:  Ride 250 miles in August!  Grab your chance to WIN! 

All you need to do is log your miles throughout August  follow along with fellow challengers in our STRAVA group and overall standings.


Sponsor Giveaways: 

All registered riders who complete 250 miles will be entered into random drawings for the below items:

  • Shimano-Road Wheelset C24
  • Polar Heart Rate Monitors (6 total) 
  • 1 Multi-vitamin 30-day supply from The RefreshinQ Co. 
  • Scicon Bags Bike travel case
  • 1 NormaTec Recovery boot system 
  • Helmet from SCOTT BIKES
  • Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil 1 month supply for 6 lucky riders! 
  • Field Work Nutrition Co. Primo Smoothie Mix
  • 4 2019 annual team membership to the greatest team around: IRACELIKEAGIRL

Here's how it works:

1. REGISTER: for $25 set yourself a target of 250+ miles to ride for the month of August 

**Once registered you will be sent an email to confirm your registration.  

2. SPREAD THE WORD - share your challenge with your community! 

  • Share this post to Facebook or Twitter: 
  • Tag Us! #iracelikeagirl @iracelikeagirl
  • Share Your Experience  Share your accomplishments using the hashtag #iracelikeagirl250  in your tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts.  Exrtra IRACELIKEAGIRL SWAG available to those who participate.


Start your challenge on August 1st. Ride as many or as little as you want any day of the week!  Indoors, Outdoors, any bike! 


Record your rides and log your miles throughout the month for every ride you complete for the challenge. You can log your miles in the following ways:

    Connect to Strava: top 20 riders  will receive a special IRACELIKEAGIRL MEDAL for participation. These are for the most miles accumulated   


  • Once registered and linked to Strava - watched your progress, along with others in our Strava Club and Chase the Ladder (see left tab).  Each week your miles will be added up! 
  • **Winners of SPONSOR giveaways will be for those who complete the 250miles and done in a random-pick drawing! 
  • ***Winners of our Team Swag will be for those who SHARE their accomplishments using the hashtag #iracelikeagirl #iracelikeagirl250  in  tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts.
  • IRACELIKEAGIRL exclusive custom medals to the top 30 riders for miles ridden in the month! 


  1. How do I record my rides in Strava?  Ride it your way - indoor, outdoor, everyday or 6 big rides for the month! After joining iracelikeagirl250miles club on Strava, your rides will  automatically show up in the Clubs’ stats weekly and our CHASE THE LADDER page (see left hand tab)  
  2. Can indoors rides be done?  Yes you can so long as your ride data can be synced to Strava. We recommend Zwift app, here’s the instruction you’ll need: Link to Strava
  3. What if I don’t have a bike computer that logs miles? Not a problem! You can manually add your rides! 


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