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1. Edit it in CMS "SEO Content" Content Area on normal CMS pages.

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Blog and News/Events module also contain subtitle that is pushed automatically from modules

2018 Registraton will be up soon!

250 miles in August Challenge! 

WINNERS of our Giveaways! 

- 3 Lobsterman Triathlon Entries - Charlie Abrahams, Kim Bow, Paula Olson

​- 6 Polar watches   - Eric Oberg, Bobbi Calero, Karen MacCarey, Tammy Marvin, Pilar Stevens, Paula Olson

​- 1 set c24 Dura-ace Shimano wheels! - Amy Dawns, Joi Ramirez

- 1 XLab Torpedo Kompact 500 front hydration system  - Raciel Diaz

- 1 XLab Rocket Pocket XL Plus  - Kimberly Malenoski

- 2 BonkBreaker Nutrition Packs:: - Fran McConnell, Sofi Christenson

- 2 Nuttzo Nut butter jars and travel packs!  Kate Stebbing, Kate Gore

- 1 case of Red Bull! Sheryl Perales

- 1 Multi-vitamin 30-day supply from RefreshinQ Heather Keoghan

- $50 gift certificate for ROKA! Francis Van Wirkus

- $500 gift certifcate + schwag bag from Normatec!  Kristin Chronic-Wentzel

- 1 Scott Helmet from Scott Bikes! Pam Estill

- 3 nutrition packages from First Endurance!  Lisa Claudel, Melanie Kopp, Marie Singleton

- 2 canisters of Fieldwork Nutrition Primo Smoothie - Kris Graci, Erica D’Sylva

HOW IT WORKS:  (2017 is CLOSED)... 

  1. Register from the link above. All ages. All ablilities. And all genders welcome! 

  2. Join our Strava Club iracelikeagirl  Once registered, you'll be approved to join the club!

  3. Start your Challenge:  Log your miles on Strava and work toward the goal of 250 miles in the month of August!   

  4. First 100 FINISHERS of the challenge will receive our exclusive iracelikeagirl Ashworth Awards medal and ALL registrants have a chance ot win from our sponsors! 

*Available to all registered riders who complete the challenge!
**Extra chances for your names in the draw for some social media love!  - see below for details! 

3 Lobsterman Triathlon Entries  #lobstermantri @lobstermantri
​6 Polar watches  
#polar @polarglobal
​1 set c24 Dura-ace Shimano wheels! #rideshimano @rideshimano
1 XLab Torpedo Kompact 500 carbon front hydration system #xlabusa @xlabusa
1 XLab Rocket Pocket XL Plus #xlabusa @xlabusa
2 BonkBreaker Nutrition Packs:: box Bonk Breakers + hydration combo! #realfuel #realflavor @bonk_breaker 
2 Nuttzo Nut butter jars and travel packs! - #fueledbyNUttzo @eatNuttZo
1 case of Red Bull! @redbull #givesyouwings
1 Multi-vitamin 30-day supply from RefreshinQ @RefreshinQ #NeverQuit
$50 gift certificate for ROKA!  @rokasports #findfaster
$500 gift certifcate + schwag bag from Normatec!  @ntrecovery #freshlegsfaster
1 Scott Helmet from Scott Bikes! @scottsports #scottbikes

3 nutrition packages from First Endurance! @firstendurance #firstendurance  
2 Canisters of Field Work Nutrition Primo Smoothie Meal  @fieldworknutrition 


  1. Register as a 250-mile rider!*  As a registered participant who completes the challenges of 250 miles,  one entry is provided for giveaways.
  2. For more chances, Post and Tag a picture on social media with "@iracelikeagirl @ashworthawards #iracelikeagirl + Giveaway hashtag and @sponsor  Each post gives you another chance to win! 
  3. Each Tag represents an entry for the giveaway. The more posts, the more entries! Winners announced August 31st!  
  4. Posts can be done on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter! The more posts, the more chances to win!  Sharing social media love with our aweosme sponsors! 

       Example Instagram post! *This gives you an entry for a Lobsterman entry and Polar watch! 



  1. How do I record my rides in Strava?  Ride it your way - indoor, outdoor, everyday or 6 big rides for the month! After joining iracelikeagirl club on Strava, your rides will  automatically show up in the Clubs’ stats

  2. Can indoors rides be done?  Yes you can so long as your ride data can be synced to Strava. We recommend Zwift app, here’s the instruction you’ll need: Link to Strava

  3. How do we claim our medals?  Finisher’s medals will be delivered to your registered address

  4. What if I don’t have a bike computer that logs miles? Not a problem! You can manually add your rides in your Strava account! 

    Proceeds will go to the Max Cure Foundation and iracelikeagirl under-23 future development team! 

    *Give-aways will be randomly drawn at the end of the challenge for all qualified registrants


    Subscribe to the I Race Like a Girl mailing list to receive updates on new arrivals, special offers and other discount information.


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